Class Curriculum


All level and classes are subject to teacher discretion of proper level for each individual dancer.

LEVEL 1:   Learning the basics of dance. Dancers moving up from a combo classes progress into a level 1 class for their age. Ideal for dancers who take 1-2 hours of dance per week.

LEVEL 2: Dancers who have completed LEVEL 1 and are ready to progress to level 2 per the teacher. Generally dancers who have reached level 2 take a minimum of 3 hours of dance per week.

LEVEL 3:  Dancers must have completed LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2  and are ready to progress to level 3 per the teacher. Generally dancers who have reached level 3 take a minimum of 5 hours per week.

LEVEL 4:  Dancers reaching the highest level for their age. **APPROVAL REQUIRED Generally dancers dancing a minimum of 10 hours per week.


MOMMY & ME (15mos-2yr):

45 min. class of creative dance and movement, incorporated with sing a long songs and tumbling. Stimulates your little ones gross motor skills and social skills. All activities are parent/child.


Please visit the Mom’s Morning Out Page for full details.

2YR COMBO:      

45 min. class of diving into the exciting world of dance & improvisation. A wonderful introduction to the basics of ballet, tap, rhythm, class structure & body awareness.

2yr Combo curriculum

3 – 4YR COMBO:

50 min class of dance structured for the  Pre-School age dancer.  Children will explore all avenues of ballet & tap with the use of imagination, fun music & props.

3-4yr_4-5yr Combo curriculum

4 1/2 – 5YR COMBO:

50 min. class of dance structured for the dancer preparing to enter Kindergarten.  Children will be introduced to  basic ballet terminology and skills along with basic tap terminology & skills while building a foundation for future progression in the study of ballet & tap.

5 – 6YR COMBO:

1 hr. Class introduces basic ballet vocabulary & movement skills while building a foundation for future progression in the study of ballet & jazz OR ballet & tap.  Classes are for the 1st or 2nd year student.


1—1 1/2hr technique class.  Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. Provides the dance student with complete fundamental training based on traditional classical ballet technique, with a focus on proper placement and alignment. Each student will learn ballet vocabulary through barre and center work while building strength & flexibility.


1hour technique class.  Classes teach basic jazz technique, terminology & movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of jazz isolations, rhythms & style; all while developing correct body alignment, flexibility, & strength.

CONTEMPORARY, 7YR & UP: **Minimum of 1 year of prior ballet or jazz training, combo classes excluded.

1hr class.  A fusion of ballet, jazz & modern techniques that emotes personal expression and / or a story.


1hr class that is a funky energetic street based technique derived from NY and LA.

TAP, 5YR & UP:

30-45min. Class that presents various rhythms made by movement of the feet.  Promotes musicality, timing & rhythm.

POINTE: **Teacher recommendation required.

Students must be enrolled in a Ballet class as well. An extension of ballet done on toe.


30 min. class

Is a type of folk dance with roots in traditional European dancing, early African-American dance, and traditional Cherokee dance in which the dancer’s footwear is used musically by striking the heel, the toe, or both in unison against a floor or each other to create audible percussive rhythms.


Class structured for the serious dancer looking to increase their flexibility, strength, balance while isolating and targeting intrinsic muscles that help with technique development.

LEAPS & TURNS, 12yr & up: **Intermediate  & up dancers only. Must have had at least 2 years of jazz.

1 hr. class. Continues to build on the technique of jazz, focusing specifically on turns and jumps through a variety of combinations.


Starting with our “Tiny Tumblers”, “Flip Fanatics and through our Invitational Tumblers, they are properly trained on how to strength, flexibility and tumbling.


1hr class. Lightly structured class that allows dancers to explore body isolations and find connections between music and movement.