Solo / Duet / Trio Requirements

If your dancer is interested in performing or competing a solo/duet/trio through CPDC they must meet the following requirements:


The choreographer must be a staff member of CPDC or otherwise approved and arranged by CPDC director. If it is a staff member of CPDC, you are responsible for setting up and arranging lessons. Staff members will book rooms and rehearsal time through the studio.


Staff members/choreographers each have their set rate and you will pay them directly.

Dancers are required to meet with their choreographer or an instructor on a regular basis for cleaning.

Class Requirements:

Dancers are required to take the following classes in order to compete or perform their solo through CPDC or under CPDC name.

  • Performing/Competing Contemporary, Open, Jazz, Acro, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Ballet, Pointe
    • Must take Ballet, Jazz and the genre their dance will be entered under.
  • Performing/Competing a Hip Hop Dance
    • They must take a Hip Hop Class
  • Performing/Competing a Tap Dance
    • They must take a Tap Class

Rights to Performance:

Dancers MUST use CPDC name when entering for a performance or competition as well as their choreographers name.

Dancers are not allowed to compete using CPDC name without permission.


A signed CPDC contract must be complete and turned into CPDC, stating that you have been notified of these requirements and agree to follow them. You may pick one up at the front desk.

For any other questions please contact us at :