Solo / Duet / Trio Requirements

CPDC Solo/Duet/Trio Guidelines 2019

Solo, duets & trios take a lot discipline, time, training and money and should be given the same respect and attention as any other team, class or dance. We want our dancers to be prepared for a successful year, therefore we have outlined our requirements below.

If your dancer is interested in performing or competing a solo/duet/trio through CPDC they must meet the following requirements:


The choreographer must be a staff member of CPDC or otherwise approved and arranged by CPDC director. If it is a staff member of CPDC, you are responsible for setting up and arranging lessons. Staff members will book rooms and rehearsal time through the studio.


  • Lessons:
    • Staff members/choreographers each have their set rate and you will pay them directly. Teachers are responsible for paying the studio rental fee to the studio.
    • Dancers are required to meet with their choreographer or an instructor on a weekly basis for cleaning.
    • If you need to cancel a lesson at any time, you must provide a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to your instructor. If lesson cancelled after the 24-hour cut off, then you are still responsible for paying the instructor’s lesson fee.
  • Competitions:
    • Competition rates vary based on competition, below is an estimated cost:
      • Solo: $120-150 per competition
      • Duet: $65-80 per competition per dancer
      • Trio: $65-80 per competition per dancer
    • Administrative Fee:
      • Dancers who would like to compete a solo, duet, trio will be charged an administrative fee of $100 for their 1st dance, $50 thereafter, not to exceed $200. Family rate is $175 (families with more than 1 dancer participating in a solo, duet or trio). This is to cover the administrative work done by the director in registering, scheduling and ensuring everything is ready for you at competition. This is to also help pay the CPDC staff that attends and works at the competition for your dancer.
      • Company members can wrap this into their monthly company fees.


  • Age:
    • We do not have an age minimum requirement however; we do require the dancers to have first participated in The Company or some form of stage performance group to get them acclimated to stage performance.
  • Inspire Intensive, June 10-13th

In order to be eligible for a solo/duet/trio, dancers must attend Inspire (June 10-13th).  This is required even if they are not auditioning for The Company. This will allow us to properly place dancers in classes and to allow them extended training to prepare for their performance season.

  • Classes

Dancers are required to take the following classes in order to compete or perform their solo through CPDC or under CPDC name.

  • Performing/Competing Contemporary, Open, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, Ballet, Pointe:
    • Must take Ballet, Jazz, Technique, Improv, Contemporary/Lyrical.
  • Performing/Competing Hip Hop, Jazz Fusion Dance:
    • They must take a Hip Hop Class & Jazz Fusion class.
  • Performing/Competing a Tap Dance
    • They must take a Tap Class & Jazz class.
  • Performing/ Competing a Clogging Dance
    • They must take a Clogging Class

Dancers are also required to have regularly scheduled private lessons (weekly) and must attend lesson the week prior to a competition or they will not be allowed to perform and will lose their entry fee with no refund. Exceptions will be if the instructor is for some reason not able to meet but an effort of arrangements will be made so the dancer is able to meet with another instructor.

  • Competitions
    • There is not a set number of competitions that dancer must compete at. You will select that based on the schedule handed out in August.
    • Dancers must be registered through CPDC and cannot be done independently.


All solo, duet, trio costume selections must be turned in and approved to CPDC Director prior to ordering or buying. This is to ensure there are no duplicates and that costumes are appropriate for age, style, choreography, etc.

Rights to Performance:

Dancers MUST use CPDC name when entering for a performance or competition as well as their choreographers name.

Dancers are not allowed to compete using CPDC name without permission.


A signed CPDC contract must be complete and turned into CPDC, stating that you have been notified of these requirements and agree to follow them. You may pick one up at the front desk in August.

For any other questions please contact us at: